• Where do you access the external battery?

    You can access your external battery on the inside of the suitcase, on the rear shell side. Consult the installation manual, on the Batteries and USB ports page, or in your application, under the "?" section on the main screen, then under "Batteries and USB ports". The USB and Micro USB ports are located beneath the protective rubber cover, on the side of the case near to the lateral weighing handle.
  • Can I charge my external battery without removing it?

    You can recharge your external battery without removing it. To do so you have to connect your external battery to 2 cables, already present in the lining of the PLUGGAGE. This will enable you to access your external battery via the USB ports on the outside of the PLUGGAGE. The USB cables of your PLUGGAGE act as an extension, with the female USB port runnings to the male USB, and the Micro USB port running to the male Micro USB port. The USB cables of your PLUGGAGE can support up to 2.1A. As is usually the case, the smaller connector (Micro USB) is used to recharge your external battery, the larger connector (USB) is used to recharge your smartphone/tablet. For more information, consult the user manual of your power bank.
  • What type of batteries are ideal?

    For plane journeys, alkaline batteries with a charge of at least 1000 mAh are recommended. It should be noted that the use of more powerful lithium-type batteries is permitted provide you are not travelling by plane.
  • Does the external battery supply power to my PLUGGAGE? Will my pluggage still work if I remove it?

    The external battery does not supply power to your PLUGGAGE. Your lock and your scale are powered separately by LR03/AAA batteries.
  • How many and which type of batteries should I use?

    6x AAA/LR03 batteries are required: 3 for the scale and 3 for the lock.
  • How do I replace the batteries in by PLUGGAGE suitcase?

    On each electronic module (scale and lock), you can access the batteries via the inside of the lining. For more information, consult the "Batteries" tutorial. The tutorial is available via the "Help" section of the Menu (at the top left). It is also available via the main scree on of your PLUGGAGE, by clicking on the "?" located at the top right of your screen.
  • Where can I find the batteries for my PLUGGAGE?

    A packet of 6x AAA/LR03 alcaline batteries is supplied with you PLUGGAGE. You will find it inside your suitcase, placed inside one of the zipped mesh pockets. These batteries supply power to your lock and scale.
  • Am I allowed to leave my external battery in my case while it is in the hold?

    Airlines regulate the presence of lithium in batteries in the hold. You must verify the specifications of your external battery and check if they fall within the tolerated thresholds. The level generally cited for lithium batteries integrated into electronic devices is 100 Wh (2000 mAh in the case of a 5V USB output) However, some airlines or airports may not allow the presence of any lithium, and consider external batteries to be replacement batteries, which are completely prohibited if they contain lithium. As a precaution, we recommend that you remove your personal external battery when placing your suitcase in the hold.
  • When I receive a weaker battery warning, how much battery life do I have left?

    Once the first warning has been issued, you should still have several hours of function left. This time may vary depending on the technology used in your batteries (alkaline, saline etc.), the quality of your batteries, the frequency of weighing/unlocking and the external temperature (ideally 20°C).
  • Note

    Be sure to activate your smartphone's Bluetooth function. Securely close the rubber cover that protects the USB ports again after use
  • How do I recharge my external battery with my iPhone cable?

    To do so, you have to use an iPhone to USB adapter (not provided). As usual, the smaller connector (Micro USB) is used to recharge your external battery. For more information, consult the user manual of your external battery.
  • Does this work with all models of smartphone?

    The PLUGGAGE by DELSEY is compatible with iPhones and Android devices that are compatible with Bluetooth from BLE/Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 More specifically, for Apple/iPhone smartphones, the application functions from the iPhone 4S onwards, but is visually optimised from iPhone 5 on. The application functions for Android smartphones from version 4.3 a featuring a Bluetooth chip equipped with a warning function. For the list of 100% compatible devices, you can consult this page. A "yes" is shown for compatible smartphones. For Android devices that do not have this functionality, the use of the connected functions of the lock will not be authorised.
  • How long will my batteries last?

    The lifespan of your batteries will depend on the technology used in your batteries, their quality, the frequency of use, and also on the storage and usage conditions. For example, the estimated lifespan of AAA 1200mAh alkaline batteries varies from 10 hours under intensive use (ten hours of very frequent unlocking and weighing) to more than 100 hours of normal use. More than enough to make several journeys with the same batteries. In order to increase their lifespan, we advise that you avoid storing your suitcase in very cold or very hot places (ideally 20°C), to remove your batteries during long periods of storage/non-use, and to activate flight mode when this is necessary.
  • Where are / I cannot find the external battery and the charging cable in my suitcase (?)

    The power bank and the cables combining the female USB and Micro USB ports of the PLUGGAGE have not been supplied.

    You can place your power bank in the pocket intended for this purpose, in the lining of the rear shell. Be sure to properly insert the 2 cables into your power bank in order that your can charge your smartphone/tablet and recharge your power bank.

  • Can I use rechargeable batteries?

    Rechargeable batteries are available with or without lithium. Batteries with lithium are prohibited in planes. The other technologies used (without lithium) can be used in the electronic scale and lock modules. However, autonomy is affected by this choice, and we advise that you choose 1.5V batteries rather than 1.2V. Alkaline batteries are used for lone journeys spanning several months, when travelling by plane.
  • How am I warned when it is time to change my batteries?

    Your device will warn you when your batteries are low by means of a red icon on your main screen. For more information, consult your application, under the "parameters" section on your main screen (to the top left of the top bar) and then "Batteries and USB ports". Your scale will also warn you with the "Lo" sign directly on the scale's LCD screen when you switch it on. Your lock will warn you via a flashing red LED when you are connected to your mobile application. If you are not connected, you will see a red LED flash for one minute after unlocking by digital finger print. The lower the frequency of the flashes, the weaker your batteries.