From Paris to London

Camden Town, Chelsea, Oxford Street... there’s a bit of a British vibe going on. Let us take you on a tour of the English capital - we know just what you need to take on your trip!

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London, a city full of contrasts, combining traditions, royalty and modernity. When it comes to fashion, everyone adds their own irreverent touch, so pack your suitcase with essentials and hunt for unique accessories when you arrive!

- a tartan dress and a classic, stylish trench coat.

- round sunglasses and elegant white Derby shoes.

- a universal adaptor.

- the colourful SEGUR suitcase with a removable, machine-washable lining to keep everything inside nice and clean!

One last piece of advice: you don’t need to pack your big umbrella - it never rains in London :) If a miracle does happen, you’ll find plenty in the shops there! Bon voyage!