• How much PLUGGAGE can I use at the same time with my app?

    If you are using an iPhone smartphone, the current limitations of the iOS system allows you to be fully connected to your 5 PLUGGAGE cases at the same time (lock + scale). If you are using an Android smartphone and you wish to use 4 or 5 PLUGGAGE cases simultaneously, we advise that you only use your locks (i.e. switch off your scales) in accordance with the current limitations of this system. This will allow you to benefit from optimal quality of use. Your locks connected to your application will already allow you to benefit from a large number of interesting functionalities while on your travels, such as: the closing/opening status of your PLUGGAGE, unlocking, aeroplane mode, carrousel mode and TSA opening detection.
  • How do you change the language of the application?

    The language is selected automatically based on the language of your smartphone. For all languages other than French, English and Chinese, English is automatically selected and cannot be changed. For example, if the language of your smartphone is "English", your application will be in English.
  • I have lost or changed my phone. Do I have to reinstall everything? How can I recover my data?

    If you have accepted the synchronisation function in your account ("My account" section of your app), it is possible to recover your old PLUGGAGE suitcases. To do so, when installing your new application (on the same or on another smartphone), you first of all have to login to your account (email address + password). Be careful not to create a new PLUGGAGE before this new connection to your account, otherwise it will be erased when establishing your new connection with your email account. If you have not created and synchronised your account since adding your last PLUGGAGE, you must reinstall your luggage and your data.
  • What is the purpose of teh synchronisation function offered in the "My account" section?

    This function allows you to retain your data (photos, names, email addresses, suitcases, modules), which are automatically synchronised and saved to your account in accordance with data protection regulations. In case of the loss or transfer of a phone or the reinstallation of the application, this data will be safeguarded and you recover all of your previous information by entering your email address and password.
  • How do you delete a PLUGGAGE?

    Select the suitcase that you want to delete from among your PLUGGAGE cases. To do so, go to the "Parameters" section (at the top left in the top bar), then "PLUGGAGE profile", then "Delete" in red at the bottom of the screen (on iPhone) or a black trash can at the top right of the screen (on Android).
  • Can I update my application?

    Application updates are offered automatically by Apple (AppleStore) and Google (Play Store). We strongly advise that you accept these in order that your application version remain compatible with the most recent versions of the iOS and Android operating systems.
  • How much PLUGGAGE can I register on my app?

    Up to 5 PLUGGAGE cases
  • Can I use the same PLUGGAGE with different smartphones or different email accounts? How many?

    You have no limitation with regard to the number of smartphones linked to your PLUGGAGE, although you cannot use your PLUGGAGE with several smartphones at the same time (1 smartphone connected at a time). You can also use your single account on several smartphones and the same PLUGGAGE case with several accounts.
  • Where can you find the tutorials?

    In your application, whether via the Help section of the Menu, or the main screen on your suitcase, in the "?" section at the top right of the main screen.
  • How do you delete a DELSEY PLUGGAGE address and account?

    You must send the request by email to one of the following addresses, specifying your request.

    "Europe (and other countries): PLUGGAGEsupport@delsey.com

    USA : customerservice@delseyluggage.net

    Hong Kong: contactdelseyhk@gmail.com

    China: contactdelseycn@delsey.com.cn"

  • Can I erase a user who is connected to my suitcase?

    If you wish to prevent the use of your PLUGGAGE by a previous user, consider changing your Bluetooth password. To do so, go to Parameters/Password and change your 6-digit Bluetooth code.
  • How do I connect a 2nd smartphone or somebody else's smartphone?

    All you have to do is enter your PLUGGAGE's Bluetooth password. It should be noted that you can only connect a single smartphone to your PLUGGAGE at a time. If you experience difficulties, check that your 1st smartphone is not currently connected to your PLUGGAGE in order to allow your 2nd smartphone to connect. If you wish to share your PLUGGAGE with a 2nd user, make sure that you also sharing the 3-digit code for manual code-based locking with this user.
  • I cannot change my account password via my application

    First check that you have an Internet connection. To change your password: from the main screen of your application, go to "Menu", then "My account" and then "Change the password".
  • I cannot change the 6-digit security password

    You must be connected and in close proximity to your suitcase. Do not forget to activate the Bluetooth on your smartphone. Go to the "Parameters" section from the main screen of your application, then on "Connected lock".