• Note

    the alert is issued via your smartphone. Your DELSEY PLUGGAGE application must therefore be switched on and your telephone charged.
  • From what distance does Carousel mode work?

    You must be connected to your suitcase and be located in an area close to the luggage collection area. The distance separating you from your suitcase must be between 10m and 20m, depending on the number of people around you (10m if there are a large number of people around you, otherwise 20m). When your case and your application reconnect, you are alerted by your application.
  • I activated "Aeroplane Mode" prior to my departure, however, my flight was delayed more than expected. Is Carousel mode still working? 

    If you programmed Aeroplane mode prior to your departure, and you have to collect your suitcase after the end of the time window defined for collection, you cannot make use of Carousel mode. After the end of the defined time window, your suitcase switches off automatically. We therefore advise that you set a wide time window for your luggage collection time.
  • When / how do I activate my carousel alert?

    "Before parting ways with your suitcase at the check-in, we advise that you activate "" Aeroplane mode"" from your DELSEY PLUGGAGE application. You access this via the main screen, and then the ""Parameters"" section (icon to the left of the top bar), and then ""Aeroplane mode"".

    When waiting for your luggage upon arrival, only activate your Carousel mode for the time being. In iOS keep the app open and the phone switched on. Note: Make sure the disable distance alert mode if necessary. The 2 modes, Distance Alert and Carousel Alert do not function simultaneously."

  • If I forget to activate "Aeroplane Mode" when my suitcase is nearby, can I still make use of Carousel mode?

    Yes. If the Bluetooth connection between your lock and your smartphone is interrupted on account of the distance being too great (more than 15-20 m), your suitcase automatically switches to Aeroplane mode for a maximum of 22 hours. It thus automatically stops transmitting in order to adhere to airline restrictions. You can still use Carousel mode during this period of time provided that, prior to becoming separated from your PLUGGAGE, you did not close your mobile application (it must stay running in the background), you did not switch off your smartphone's Bluetooth antenna, you did not put your smartphone in Aeroplane mode, and you did not switch off your smartphone or lock.
  • I have triggered my Carousel alert and it isn't working.

    "Carousel mode was designed to alert your of the return of your PLUGGAGE when waiting at the baggage carousel following a journey with your luggage in the hold. To do so, your application attempts to reconnect to your PLUGGAGE. On account of this, you must have first connected and then disconnected from your suitcase following it being separated from you (distance greater than 10m and 20m depending on how many people there are around you).

    If the Carousel alert hasn't worked and you have previously activated your PLUGGAGE's aeroplane mode: Check the retrieval times planned and entered in advance via your application. It may be that you are not in the correct time window. In aeroplane mode, the start time is the time from which think you may be able to collect your suitcase, while the end time is the time until which you think you may collect your case. In the case of an aeroplane journey, it is advised that you consult your plane ticket and allow a margin of error on either side of the stated times (potential flight delays). In your application, the management of time zones has been taken into account to save your the effort of conversion.

    For example: you are leaving Paris for New York at 14:00, in a 7-hour flight. When you are ready to leave, select the destination city - New York (and thus the time zone corresponding to your city of arrival, or New York), then the time window within which you think you will be collecting your cases in New York. We advise that you allow a large margin (beginning earlier and finishing later than planned). Note, the time is expressed in the local time in the destination city.

    Note: When you confirm ""Aeroplane Mode"", your case goes to sleep and is no longer accessible via Bluetooth.

    If the Carousel alert hasn't worked and you have not activated your PLUGGAGE's aeroplane mode: Carousel mode is only available within the 22 hours following your last ""unexpected"" disconnection. ""Unexpected"" means that you are separated from your PLUGGAGE when you would normally have been connected to it with your smartphone.

    If, prior to becoming separated from your PLUGGAGE, you did not activate Aeroplane mode and you closed your mobile application or you switched off your smartphone's Bluetooth antenna or have put your smartphone in Aeroplane mode, or have switched off your smartphone or your lock, Carousel mode will not work when you retrieve your suitcase again."

    "Note: you must keep your application open or running in the background in order for Carousel mode to work (your application will still consume your smartphone's battery power).

    Note: your application may succeed in reconnecting when opened, in which case you will be alerted of the reconnection to your PLUGGAGE before you have even activated Carousel mode. Note: your smartphone must have previously been connected to your lock in order to alert you of the return of your suitcase via Carousel mode and automatically reconnect to your lock.

    Note: if the Carousel alert has not worked and you are fulfilling all of these conditions, it may be that your batteries are discharged or have come out of their compartment.

    Note: Carousel mode is compatible with all iPhones, however, not all Android smartphones are compatible. Your application will alert you if your Android device is not compatible. Here you will find a list of compatible Android smartphones in which a ""yes"" is shown for compatible smartphones."