1 country, 3 cities: discover Italy

Welcome to the home of the dolce vita, a country teeming with treasures. Italy is the perfect destination for lovers of history, of culture - and of food, of course!

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Take a trip through Antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Baroque. Italy alone holds more than a quarter of the world's cultural heritage, and has the largest number of sites, monuments and art pieces listed by UNESCO. Even so, there's more to this fascinating country than history and culture. Italy is also the universally acknowledged epicentre of fashion, and boasts an exceptional food culture, a beautiful language, breathtaking landscapes and the dolce vita lifestyle. Stunning land, seas, lakes, islands and volcanoes await. Dive head first into the beauty of Italy!


ROME : the eternal city

Rome has an ancient past and a romantic atmosphere, with two thousand years of history and as many fountains scattered throughout the city.

Enjoy the dolce vita with a caffè ristretto in Piazza Navona, a former Roman stadium that is now home to many art dealers. You could stay and people watch, but there's so much more to see! There's the Piazza del Popolo, the Piazza di Spagna with its superb Spanish Steps or the Campo di Fiori and its colourful market. Crowds flock to the Piazza San Pietro in the Vatican, in front of the largest Catholic church in the world, St. Peter's Basilica, and its famous Sistine Chapel.

There are so many other places worth visiting, such as the city's most famous ancient monument, the Colosseum, or the Villa Borghese gardens and the Trevi Fountain. However you get there, all roads lead to the eternal city, and however long you stay, there'll never be enough time to explore all the wonders that Rome has to offer.

VENICE: the city of lovers

A dream destination for families and lovers, Venice is a majestic open-air museum frozen in time. The narrow streets and canals are filled with an almost medieval charm, and with no cars allowed, everyone travels on foot, by vaporetto or by gondola.

A ride in these small, typically Venetian boats, is the highlight of many a holiday, and they are ideal for discovering all the hidden corners of the city. All along the Grand Canal, romantic facades contrast with the dark colour of the gondolas. Glide under the Bridge of Sighs or the Rialto Bridge, the oldest in the city.

Then head to Venice's most popular square, St. Mark's, an ideal meeting place and carnivalesque focal point, before finding some peace and quiet in the Jewish quarter of Cannaregio. Make sure to stop at a Bacaro, a traditional bar/restaurant, often away from the tourist areas, to get a taste of the authentic Venice. Small, crowded and cheap, Bacari offer local wines and Venetian appetisers called cicchetti.

The city of a thousand and one colours always has a surprise in store...
ALBEROBELLO: the city of trulli

Head for the southern tip of Italy, the heel of the boot, to discover Puglia, the jewel in the crown! More specifically the town of Alberobello, which means ""beautiful tree"".

It's famous for its unusual small white stone houses, built with limestone pebbles. These 1400 trulli, with pyramid-shaped roofs - domed or conical - have UNESCO heritage status. The largest trullo in the city, the ""trullo Sovrano"", is built on two floors and houses a small museum of local traditions. Live the adventure to the fullest by spending at least one night in a trullo. There are a multitude of small hotels offering cute modern rooms with authentic charm!

Take a peaceful morning stroll through the dazzling narrow streets of Alberobello, before the busyness of the day begins. The shops, cafés and restaurants are mostly to be found inside trulli, which makes your time there all the more special!

Alberobello and the whole Puglia region are waiting for you!