• Which connection technologies are used?

    Your scale and lock are connected to your smartphone using the Bluetooth Low Energy v4.0 technology
  • From what distance does it work?

    Depending on the atmospheric conditions, the presence of objects or people in the area, the sensitivity of your smartphone, the maximum distance between your PLUGGAGE and your smartphone may vary between 10 and 20 metres. For more information regarding your tracker, consult the corresponding section.
  • The display on my screen is not very good, the text doesn't fit very well

    The text and the design are optimised for screens with a diagonal measurement of 4" (4 inches) or more (iPhone 5 & 6, Samsung Galaxys, etc.). It may be that the display parameters that have been configured for your phone's screen are affecting the design of the application. iPhone: you can adjust the display parameters under "Settings" and then "Display & Brightness" to modify the size of the text, text in bold and/or display and disable the screen zoom. Android: you can adjust the display parameters under "Parameters" then "Display" to adjust the size of the font size.
  • Is there anything specific I should know about the storage of my suitcase?

    "In order to keep your PLUGGAGE in the best condition possible over several years, and even after long storage periods, the ideal conditions are as follows:

    Temperature: preferably stable and ideally around 20°C-25°C. No lower than 5°C and no higher than 45°C.

    Humidity: ideally between 30% and 60%. Better too dry than too humid.

    Protective covers: make sure to close the protective covers on the fingerprint sensor and USB ports for your power bank.

    Batteries / Power bank: consider removing your batteries and power bank during long periods of storage. Note: some power banks do not respond well to being completely discharged - consider recharging them from time to time if you are not using them."

  • Does this work internationally? Do I require an Internet subscription everywhere I use it?

    No, only a compatible smartphone and your Bluetooth activated. Your DELSEY powered by LUGLOC tracker requires the purchase of a subscription. It is supplied with the first month's subscription free of charge.