• Where can I get my product repaired?

    To get your DELSEY luggage repaired, we suggest that you go to the "Repair Centers" page at the bottom of our website at www.delsey.com where you will find the authorized service center nearest you. You will be able to operate your warranty if your luggage comes under repair conditions, and have it repaired by people who are familiar with our products. Take your luggage, your proof of purchase and your guarantee card during your visit.
  • My product is no longer under warranty how to get it repaired?

    If you need to repair your DELSEY luggage that is no longer under warranty, you can contact a DELSEY Authorized Service Center for a less costly repair by visiting <$ href="$ httpsUrl('StoreLocator-RepairCenters' )$"> Repair center .
    However, in case of an accident caused to the luggage during the transport, we suggest you to complain immediately against the carrier.
  • I have lost my warranty and want to have my product repaired, what can I do?

    All DELSEY products are under warranty against manufacturing defects, the first sign of quality. The warranty for your product starts on the date of purchase, which can be found on your invoice or in your "My Account" personal space. The warranty period for your product is indicated on the warranty card inside your product. For more information, please visit our Warranty and Aftersales page.
  • Can I have my luggage repaired directly at a dealer?

    To make your warranty works, it is not possible to have your DELSEY luggage repaired at an unauthorized dealer or luggage dealer. You can find all our repair centers by clicking on our Repair Centers .