• I cannot find my warranty card, what to do?

    In order to operate the warranty of your product, the invoice and warranty card are required. If you cannot find your warranty card, you can give us the DELSEY reference of the product (without forgetting the invoice). You can find this reference on:

    - Purchase invoice
    - The Made In label inside the product
  • Is my product under warranty?

    All DELSEY products are under warranty against manufacturing defects, the first sign of quality. The warranty for your product starts on the date of purchase, which can be found on your invoice or in your "My Account" personal space.

    The warranty period for your product is indicated on the warranty card inside your product.

    For more information, go to our warranty page!
  • My product is no longer under warranty how to get it repaired?

    If you need to repair your DELSEY luggage that is no longer under warranty, you can contact a DELSEY Authorized Service Center for repair at a lower cost. However, in case of an accident caused to the luggage during the shipping, we suggest you to immediately advice the carrier.
  • What does the product warranty cover?

    The commercial warranty applies to new products sold on the online shop www.delsey.com. The commercial warranty covers apparent manufacturing defects that may interfere with the normal use of the product as described below:

    - the warranty covers the replacement of defective parts.
    - without covering the incident resulting from external damage such as fall, shock, fire, burning, moisture or excessive dry heat, impregnation by liquid, theft, misuse or modification of the product, or normal wear and tear, nor will it be voluntary damage by the user and cannot give rise to damages.

  • How do I register my warranty?

    To validate your warranty, please go to Warranty validation .
  • How do I register my SECURITECH code?

    The SECURITECH code, present on some products, offers a good chance to find your missing luggage by putting you in contact with the person who found your luggage, via Internet. To register your SECURITECH code, you must go to this page .
  • Why is there a key opening on my luggage when I didn’t receive any key?

    The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) combination lock allows you to secure your luggage with a code while allowing American customs authorities responsible for transportation security to control it when entering US territory without damaging it.
    The key slot on the TSA combination lock is therefore dedicated to the US administration. The interest of this lock is to facilitate access to the customs authorities and thus prevent them from damaging your baggage.
    For more information on locks please see our article "Locks and Codes, Everything You Need to Know" .
  • What is the quality of DELSEY products?

    Choosing DELSEY means being able to adopt instinctively reliable, solid, functional luggage, including high quality and light weight. You benefit from luggage of extreme quality and lasting, developed with the greatest care by our technical teams and products.

    Our luggage and components undergo rigorous quality tests in order to be approved upstream and downstream of the manufacturing process, such as 26 random drops or 15 to 30 km of abrasive floor while being loaded.

    Regarding the material, whether it is high-performance polycarbonate for rigid suitcases or ballistic polyamide used in high-end lines, all our materials (see our lexicon for more details) must pass successfully a course of the combatant, including, inter alia, abrasion, discoloration or extreme temperatures.
  • The product I want to buy is no longer in stock, what should I do?

    If you do not find the product you would like to purchase from our online store, or if it is no longer in stock, please contact our customer service by e-mail at customercare.uk@delsey.com .

    Stocks are updated continuously, do not hesitate to return to the site regularly.