Privacy Policy

  • 1. Introduction


    DELSEY is a French société par actions simplifiée with capital of 9,099,576 euros and whose head office is located at 114 rue Marcadet, 75018 Paris, France. DELSEY is registered as a company with the Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés de Paris in France under registration number 572 017 507, telephone: +33 (0) 149383030. DELSEY processes personal data about you as the entity responsible for processing data in the context of use of its website, which is accessible at the following address: DELSEY respects individual privacy and protects the personal data of the users of the website and services it provides. The purpose of this policy, in particular, is to inform users of the website about both the ways in which their personal data is collected, processed and used and about their personal data protection rights with respect to the applicable legal provisions, especially in terms of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 216/679 (referred to below as the "GDPR").

  • 2. What categories of data do we process?

    When using the website, several types of personal data may be collected. The data collected falls mainly into the following categories:

    - Data relating to personal identity (title, surname, first name, email address, date of birth, etc.);

    - Data relating to your use of the website, including but not limited to: website traffic data, the ISP, the internet protocol address (IP), web logs and other communications data (login information);

    - Data relating to the warranties provided for the products purchased (purchase date, type, registration number).

    This data is collected directly from you, at your own request. Mandatory data items are indicated by asterisks in the data collection forms. If these data items are absent, DELSEY will not be able to guarantee provision of the service for which they are collected.

  • 3. For what purposes is the data collected?

    DELSEY processes your data, either in whole or in part, to facilitate your purchases, to learn more about you with a view to improving and personalising our services, and in particular, for the purposes of:

    - managing and tracking requests for information submitted by web visitors together with the responses to these requests;

    - managing the online registration of bags and luggage;

    - managing the after-sales service;

    - website access reporting;

    - measuring quality, satisfaction and website traffic levels;

    - subscription to the newsletter and prospecting, particularly of a commercial kind;

    - managing and monitoring recruitment applications.

    If the user wants to subscribe to the newsletter, DELSEY will send it to them using their first name and email address. The user may optionally choose to provide DELSEY with additional information such as a postal address or a telephone number. Out of respect for personal privacy, DELSEY provides a means of unsubscribing.

    If the user no longer wishes to receive the news bulletin and promotional communications, they can choose to stop receiving them by following the instructions included in each news bulletin or communication, or by sending an email to DELSEY also offers the possibility of unsubscribing from particular types of communications on the unsubscribe page.

    If the user chooses to use the DELSEY referral service to inform a friend about a product available on the website, DELSEY will request the name and email address of the friend in question. DELSEY will automatically send the friend a unique invitation to visit the website. DELSEY does not retain this information and uses it only for the purpose of sending this email one time only. To request removal of the information concerning them from the database, referred friends will need to contact DELSEY at

  • 4. Who is the data passed on to?

    This data is mainly used by:

    - services and personnel authorised by the data processor;

    - any subcontractors of the data processor that may be required to participate in recruitment operations, as well as any commercial partners they may have.

    Additionally, the data may be communicated to any authority legally entitled to access it, particularly where subject to a court order issued by legal, law enforcement or governmental bodies or agencies. DELSEY may also pass personal information about users to organisations that provide services that help DELSEY carry out its business, such as the customer service and the sending of emails in DELSEY's name. These organisations are authorised to use the personal information of users solely for the purpose of providing these services. DELSEY will not share personal information with third parties except in the ways described in this policy document. DELSEY does not sell personal information to third parties. Certain portions of the data collected may be communicated to partner organisations for direct marketing purposes, subject to your prior agreement first having been obtained. The data collected is destined for use by the website owner and its partners.

  • 5. How long is the data retained?

    DELSEY retains your data only for as long as is necessary for the purpose(s) for which it is collected.

  • 6. Social network functions and features

    6. Social network functions and features The website contains social media functions, such as the Facebook button. The user is informed that these features may collect their IP address and may create and store a cookie to enable correct operation of our website. The information pertaining to social media sites is hosted either by a third party or directly on the DELSEY website. The processing and use of this information is governed by the hosting service provider's privacy policy.

  • 7. Competitions

    From time to time, DELSEY may invite users to participate in competitions on its website. As part of the participation process, certain personal information enabling the identification of users is requested. Participation in these competitions is entirely voluntary and the user can choose whether or not to divulge this information. The information requested will generally include contact details (surname, first name, email address, date of birth, country) and demographic information (sex/gender, etc.). DELSEY uses this information to inform competition winners they have won and award them their prizes, to monitor traffic to the website, or to personalise the website for the purpose of sending newsletters to the participants. DELSEY may employ a third-party service provider to organise these competitions; under such circumstances, the organisation in question is not permitted to use this information for any other purpose than the competition. DELSEY does not share the personal information provided in the context of a competition with other third-party organisations without first informing the user beforehand.

  • 8. What are your legal rights?

    In accordance with the provisions of the GDPR, you have the right to access, review, transfer and rectify the personal data that concerns you. You also have the right to object to the processing of the personal data about you under certain circumstances, and the right to object to your data being used for prospecting purposes, particularly commercial prospecting. Additionally, you have the right to have your personal data rectified, completed if incomplete, brought up-to-date, placed under restricted processing or removed if it is imprecise, incomplete, inaccurate, out-of-date, or where its collection, use, communication or retention is prohibited. Finally, you have the right to stipulate what is to be done with your personal data in terms of retention, deletion and communication after your death. Where website features/sections are aimed more particularly at persons of minor age and provide them with the possibility of supplying personal data to us (such as when registering for a competition, for example), DELSEY will ask them to first obtain authorisation from their parents.

    To exercise your rights, please contact the department in charge of personal data for DELSEY directly by email at or by writing to the following address:


    Direction Juridique

    (Data Privacy)

    114 rue Marcadet

    75018 Paris

    For reasons of confidentiality and personal data protection, DELSEY is obliged to first verify the identity of users before responding to any requests. Additionally, all requests pertaining to the exercising of these rights need to be accompanied by a copy of a signed form of identity. If your personal data is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date, please provide details of the amendments required to the Data Privacy department referred to above. All requests will be processed as quickly as possible and in compliance with applicable legislation.

  • 9. Security

    The security of the personal information provided by users is important to DELSEY. In accordance with its legal obligations, DELSEY keeps this information under secured conditions and only for a length of time proportional to the purposes for which you have provided it to us. DELSEY adheres to the generally accepted standards where the protection of the information provided to it is concerned, both during transmission of said information and once it has been received by DELSEY. However, no method of transmission via the internet, nor any electronic storage method, is 100 percent secure. As a consequence, therefore, DELSEY cannot guarantee the complete and absolute security of this information. In case of any questions concerning security on the DELSEY website, users can contact DELSEY at In case of any questions or complaints about the data protection policy or its application in practice, users can contact DELSEY at Where the task of processing personal data is partly or wholly contracted out, DELSEY contractually obliges any subcontractors it employs to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the personal data by means of technological data protection methods and through appropriate human measures.
  • 10. Transferral of data

    The data we collect from you may be transferred and stored outside the European Union. It may also be processed by personnel working outside the European Union either for ourselves or for one of our suppliers, service providers or affiliated organisations. These personnel could be tasked, amongst other things, with providing support services. In providing your personal data, you accept this transferral, this storage or this processing. We will take all steps reasonably necessary to assure ourselves that your data is processed in a secure manner and in compliance with this privacy policy. DELSEY wishes to make you aware that it applies standard contract clauses to the transferral, storage and processing of personal data outside the European Union.
  • 11. Cookies

    When a user visits the website, a cookie is installed on the terminal they are using (PC, laptop, etc.), subject to the options selected in their browser settings. What are cookies?

    Cookies are pieces of data used both by servers to send status information to the user's browser and by browsers for the purposes of sending status information to the source server. This status information may consist, for example, of a session identifier, a language identifier, an expiration data, a domain, etc. Cookies make it possible to preserve status information, for the duration of validity of the cookie concerned, when the browser accesses the various different pages of a website or when the browser later returns to the same website. Only the issuer of a cookie may read or modify the information it contains.

    What different types of cookies are there?

    Cookies come in different types:

    - session cookies that disappear once the user leaves the website;

    - persistent cookies that remain stored on the terminal until they reach their expiry date or until they are removed using the browser's own features/functions.

    Why does DELSEY make use of cookies?

    Cookies can be:

    - "strictly necessary", as they are essential for proper browsing;

    - "functionality cookies", which serve to ensure an optimal browsing experience for the user;

    - "performance cookies", which provide information about the user's behaviour, thus making it possible to improve the browsing experience offered by the website;

    - "interaction cookies", which enable the user to express their views and feelings about DELSEY products, especially on social networks;

    - "targeting cookies", which make it possible to record users' preferences in terms of products and purchasing.

    In DELSEY's case, cookies are used mainly for the purposes of:

    - recording the information entered or requested via the forms the user completes on our website;

    - keeping a count of the numbers of visitors and identifying the ways in which they use the website;

    - keeping a count of and differentiating between individual visits to the website;

    - enabling access to restricted areas of the website (the user's personal space, etc.) through the use of login details or data previously communicated by the user;

    - identifying the website or search engine via which the user arrived at the website together with the search term(s) they used;

    - collecting statistics about website traffic and the way the site is used, and carrying out analysis with a view to improving the site;

    - adapting the way the website is displayed based on the user's preference settings;

    - managing security;

    - ensuring the relevance of online advertisements and advertising targeting by adapting the advertising to the user's browsing.

    What cookies are used?

    The cookies used on the website are:

    - DELSEY's own cookies;

    - third-party cookies restrictively selected by DELSEY for the purposes of achieving specific aims, which includes third-party cookies used to display advertisements on our website or to manage the advertising on other websites;

    - cookies used by social networks.

    The cookies generated and stored by the tools in use on the website are detailed as follows:

    Consent when first visiting the website

    When first visiting the website, the user is asked whether they are willing to accept the use of cookies or not, which requires obtaining the user's consent before installing cookies on their equipment. If the user refuses to allow the use of cookies, a refuse cookie will be stored on their terminal to enable DELSEY to record the fact that they do not want any cookies to be installed. However, it should be noted that if this refusal cookie is deleted, DELSEY's cookies will then be installed on the user's terminal again. If the user gives their consent, the cookies used by DELSEY will be installed on their terminal.

    The user can change their decision at any time by:

    - deleting the refusal cookie;

    - by using one of the methods described in the "Managing cookies" section.

    Managing cookies

    There are several cookie management options available to the user. The user can choose at any time to set or modify their preferences with respect to cookies using the methods described above. In fact, and though most browsers are configured to allow the installation of cookies by default, the user has the possibility, if they so wish, of choosing to allow all cookies, of rejecting all cookies systematically, or of choosing those they wish to allow on a per issuer basis. The user can also alter their browser settings to accept or block cookies on a case-per-case basis before they are installed. They can also choose to periodically delete cookies from their terminal via their browser. The user must remember to adjust the settings on all the browsers on their various different devices (tablets, smartphones, PCs, etc.). Every browser is different where managing cookies and setting options for them is concerned. The user can find out how to change cookie settings by referring to their browser's help menu, which will contain a detailed description of the process to follow. For example:

    - if using Internet Explorer™:;

    - if using Chrome™:

    - if using Firefox™:

    - if using Opera™:

    Blocking cookies may prevent the use of or access to certain features and functions of the website. If you want to turn off interest-based advertising, click here []; or if you reside in the EU, click here [].

  • 12. Additional information

    For all complaints or requests for information about privacy issues or the protection of personal data, or for all queries and requests concerning your personal information, please email us at You can also write to us at:


    Direction Juridique

    (Data Privacy)

    114 rue Marcadet

    75018 Paris

    And finally, you also have the option of contacting the relevant controlling body if you have a complaint to make about your personal data.

  • 13. Updates to this privacy policy

    This privacy policy may be changed or amended at any time by DELSEY. Please check it regularly for updates.

    Last modified: 3/12/2018