Hebdomania: insider photographer

Hebdomania (real name Thibault Charpentier) is a photographer who travels the world for most of the year to explore unusual places... This lensman in-the-know takes photos in locations far off the beaten track. The DELSEY team met him in Paris as he was preparing for his first trip using PLUGGAGE to Java and Bali.

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“When do I relax? When I’m on a plane!”

Can you introduce yourself?

I’m Thibault Charpentier and I’m 32. I was born in Nevers and I later studied art. I lived in Paris for several years, in the Château-Landon area. In June, I gave up my flat so I could travel more. Before this I used to travel mostly for the weekend, but now I also do pro and press trips. First, I went to Montreal but one thing lead to another and I ended up travelling round the world to visit friends. I visited Montreal, Mexico, then New York and after that it was Seattle and San Francisco, then Australia. I visited Bali and loved it so much that I’m going back in a few days. I’ve now been working exclusively as a freelance photographer for two and a half years.

Why did you choose Hebdomania as your pseudonym? What does it mean?

I was looking for a pseudonym for my first website. Photography is something I enjoy daily, but “Dailymania” didn’t have quite the right ring to it. So I decided on “Hebdomania”: in French “hebdo” means “weekly”.

How did you get started in photography?

I taught myself how to take photos. My first camera was tiny and could take 2 megapixel images. I always had it on me: at that time we didn't have smartphones. And that’s how things developed: I did a little bit every day. With practice, your eye gets better at composition and you begin to feed off external influences too.

What inspires you?

Interior design and travel for city guides, magazines, tourist offices and hotels. I struggle a bit with having people in photos because you then need to direct them.

What do you like doing?

I love eating! I know so many great places in Paris. My guilty pleasures are a delicious croissant at Blé Sucré, a beef bourguignon pitta at Miznon...and the black pudding at Bouillon Pigalle which is the best I’ve ever tasted. I like the Serres d’Auteuil gardens, the Promenade Plantée and ambling through Le Marais and the Carré Saint Martin in the 18th arrondissement.