From Paris to Amalfi

Heading to Amalfi, the St Tropez of Italy. We’ve got just what you need when it comes to packing your suitcase and enjoying the Amalfi coast: buon viaggio!

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Amalfi is a jet-set destination to the south of Naples and enjoys plenty of sunshine. Check out the essentials to pack in your suitcase!

- sunglasses and a hat for glamorous protection from the sun.

- for women, an elegant travel outfit: a brightly coloured skirt and a top, high-heeled sandals for an added pop of colour.

- for men, a stylish, casual travel outfit: a white linen shirt, trousers and light-coloured loafers.

- all your swimwear

- a little camera to slip into your clutch bag in the evenings.

- a range of nail varnishes so that you can change colour whenever you want.

- the DAUPHINE 3 suitcase: soft, ultra lightweight and hard-wearing, so that you can take even more outfits with you!

One last piece of advice: don’t worry about taking your scooter helmet with you, you can rent one there :) Bon voyage!