• If I switch my DELSEY Paris application off and then on again, will my alert still work?

    No. If you close your application, the distance alert function is disabled. You must reactivate it by opening your app and then connecting to your lock and/or scale. Note: running your application in the background will not close your application and will not disable this alert function, however, your application will still consume your smartphone's battery power.
  • Note

    the alert is issued via your smartphone. Your DELSEY PLUGGAGE application must therefore by switched on, as well as your lock or scale.
  • Which distance and option should I choose?

    "The accuracy of the Bluetooth alerts depends on your environment, as well as on the sensitivity of your smartphone for the Bluetooth signal. You have 4 options and must select one based on your environment, that is, by asking yourself the following questions:

    -       ""Are you alone or amongst a crowd?""

    -       Then:  ""Are your stationary or on the move?""

    For example, if you are sitting down peacefully with just a few people around you and want to be informed if someone leaves with your case, it is advised that your select ""3 metres"" or ""5 metres"". On the other hand, in an airport, or when drinking your coffee, or sitting in a train that is full to normal capacity, ""3-5 metres (stationary in a crowd)"" would be more appropriate. The last option, ""3-5 metres (mobile in a crowd)"" is better suited for journeys in a crowded train, in a high-speed train or when moving around in an airport, for example."

  • My alert is not triggered at the chosen distance!

    The distance alert must sound within the max. 3 seconds following the passing of the selected threshold. Please check that the selected distance is appropriate with regard to whether your are stationary or mobile, and the number of people around you. Find out more.
  • Must I be connected to my suitcase to launch alert mode?

    The distance alert mode is intended to alert you if your PLUGGAGE is separated from you against your wishes. To do so, you must be connected to your PLUGGAGE, i.e. to your lock, to your scale or both. Note: the lock and/or scale on your PLUGGAGE must be switched on!