DELSEY PLUGGAGE, the lithium-free connected suitcase

Your case is packed! Off you go for a weekend break or a great adventure to the other side of the world. Thanks to PLUGGAGE, you can experience connected travel, and go anywhere without worrying about the lithium-free rules.

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Since 15th January 2018, connected suitcases with lithium-ion batteries have no longer been allowed in the air, especially on American airline companies (American Airlines, United Continental, Southwest Airlines, etc.). From that date, in order to stow a suitcase into the hold, you have had to remove the batteries from your luggage before checking it in.
Fortunately, PLUGGAGE is a lithium-free connected suitcase that works with AAA alcaline batteries. Thus, in the hold or the cabin you can therefore still benefit from the bag's functionality: the Bluetooth alert mode, which alerts you to your bag's movements on your smartphone, the fingerprint opening, and even the integrated digital scale if you want to (re) weigh it.
The LugLoc GPS unit that comes with your PLUGGAGE is removable and contains only a trace of lithium - less than 8Wh, which is a lower quantity than that accepted by the FAA and IATA (100Wh). Having said that, depending on the airline's rules, you may be asked to remove it if your bag is going into the hold. You can remove it in a jiffy, it is completely independent from your PLUGGAGE suitcase. You will just need to switch it off and then you can take it with you into the cabin.

And the last little thing before you leave: you can also be lithium-free. Choose an external smartphone battery with a very low level of lithium to connect to your PLUGGAGE's USB port.
Some advice before boarding: the lithium level of batteries integrated into electronic devices is generally 100 Wh (20000m1h if there is a USB 5V output). Since some airlines are completely no-lithium, we recommend that you remove any external batteries from any bags going into the hold, and simply take them with you into the cabin.
Come on, it's time to board! And don't forget, none of the other functionality of your PLUGGAGE is affected by these rules. You will always be able to access it, wherever you are.

With PLUGGAGE, you can experience stress-free travel.