• How do I create my customer account?

    To create a customer account, which will be useful to make orders on our DELSEY online shop, follow the following steps:

    - Click on "My account" you will be redirected to the page of account creation - Fill in the fields with your information (with * = mandatory fields) or log in with your Facebook account
    - Your password must be 8 characters minimum
    - You can check the box to subscribe to the DELSEY newsletter and the "remember me" box.
    - Click on "create an account" and your account is created! You will receive a welcome email at the indicated e-mail address.
  • Why do I have to create an account?

    It is not compulsory to create an account on our online shop, except for the following cases:

    - Make an order easily
    - Create a wishlist with your favorite products, to share with your loved ones
    - Keep track of your purchases
    - Receive DELSEY special offers
    - Save all your delivery and billing addresses
  • I cannot remember my username / password, what do I do?

    You can generate a new password by clicking on "forgotten password" below the "password" field just below the identification. You will then receive an Email with a reset link (validity 2h). Click on the reset link and enter your new password.
  • How will my personal data be used?

    DELSEY respects your privacy, which is why it is not necessary to enter your personal information, with the exception of the following situations:

    - Creating an account
    - Subscribe to our newsletter
    - Warranty registration
    - Saving your SECURITECH code
    - By contacting us through the form
    - Ordering

    The information you provide about yourself or your interests will only be used to offer you the best possible service and tailor our offers to your needs.
  • How do I change my contact information?

    You can change your contact information easily. To proceed, follow these steps:

    - Go to your personal space "My account".
    - To change your addresses: go to "my addresses" and indicate the changes before clicking on "Update".
    - To change your personal information: go to "my information" and indicate the changes before clicking on "update".
  • I would like to subscribe or unsubscribe to the newsletter, what should I do?

    You can subscribe to the DELSEY newsletter and unsubscribe at any time. You will only receive our newsletter if you have subscribed. To subscribe through your account, go to "My account" and in the "Subscribe to the newsletter" section, enter your email address in the free field before clicking "ok".

    You can also subscribe without having an account on our online store via our newsletter sign-up page .
    If you no longer wish to receive information from DELSEY, please go to the latest DELSEY newsletter and click on "unsubscribe" at the bottom of the page, or contact our team by e-mail at contact@delsey.com .