“If you think that you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito in the room”. Dalai Lama

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More responsible travel, green travel, zero-waste travel… These are terms that can often frighten travellers, and distance them from this positive approach. However, this subtle desire to participate in initiating an environmental change, on their own level, is most certainly present. A study conducted in 2019 by the online accommodation booking site, booking.com, shows that 79% of international travellers have the intention to stay in accommodation classified as eco-friendly at least once, and this percentage is continually increasing.

So how can you get involved and make things progress, without turning your holiday habits completely upside down, especially seeing as holidays are often something you have been waiting for all year? Whether this is by making enlightened choices, or through small, seemingly insignificant actions, here are 7 specific ideas to help you travel more responsibly!
Choose accommodation that favours an environmentally responsible approach

Every year, an increasing number of tourist accommodation establishments, such as hotels, campsites, and guest houses, seek to show off their green credentials, by obtaining labels that certify their environmentally friendly approach. The international "Green Key" label, Green Globe Certified certification, the Écogîte label, the European Ecolabel- all certify, at the very least, that water and waste are managed responsibly. Nevertheless, this eco-friendly accommodation principle functions on two levels, as the traveller also plays a role in assuming responsibility. By using his/her towels for more than one day, by switching off the air conditioning or lights when not in the room, or even when in the room, and by asking the staff to clean the room every other day, he/she can make a contribution to preserving this tourist ecosystem.
Eat local throughout your entire holiday

This is, without doubt, one of the ideas that offers the most advantages! Eating locally is, first and foremost, an opportunity to enjoy fresh products with incomparable flavour, and which are often inexpensive, all while supporting a local economy and promoting valuable expertise. Preserving the environment is not overlooked either, since eating locally contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions caused by shipping. Do you eat fewer or no fish and shellfish at home on account of the price, or simply because their smell invades every room in the house for several days? Then it's time to take advantage of the fish of the day, by sampling a black seabream, some squid, or a king crab. If you have a sweeter tooth, just keep your eyes peeled - there is sure to be an artisanal ice cream parlour waiting on a nearby street corner!
Travel light, with responsible luggage

Are you familiar with the law of occupation of space, better known as Douglas' Law? This is the principle that the majority of holidaymakers apply prior to their departure: the more space you have, the more you cram into it! However, it is by only bringing the essentials, and opting for a smaller suitcase, that you can significantly reduce the weight of your luggage and, at the same time, cut down the CO2 emissions linked to travel. Grab some canvas bags, the famous tote bags, for your shopping and dirty laundry, as well as a reusable bottle that will even pass the airline customs checks! And to take our environmentally responsible approach one step further, you can also get yourself some secure, high-quality, and ultra-light luggage, perhaps even made from 100% recycled fabric, from DELSEY PARIS!
Do you need some help when it comes to packing your suitcase for a trip?
Experiment with solid cosmetics and clean sun cream

A bar of soap, a solid deodorant, a bamboo toothbrush accompanied by powdered toothpaste, and not forgetting a sun cream that protects both your skin and the oceans… Here is a little challenge that you will definitely want to take on! ~Homemade cosmetics are accessible and have an astonishingly long lifespan. Free from additives and chemical products, they also offer the advantage of avoiding needless packaging and don't leak out all over your luggage! With regard to clean sun cream, DELSEY PARIS recently discovered and supported the launch of the Aùn Paris brand, made using 100% natural ingredients and natural, healthy UV filters. Rated 100/100 on Yuka, the Aùn cream is water-resistant and can be used from the age of 3.
Free yourself of digital waste

Most of the time we don't even think about it, yet, according to the Agency for Ecological transition , this invisible waste is responsible for 4% of global greenhouse emissions. While a solar phone charger can meet certain requirements, other small actions could also significantly reduce our digital carbon footprint. Activating Low Power mode, disabling GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth, switching your phone off from time to time, or setting it to Airplane mode, unplugging your charger to avoid no-load charging, or even unsubscribing from unwanted newsletters - these are all key behaviours to be adopted in order to limit power consumption and sustainably reduce digital traffic consumption.
Bring back eco-friendly souvenirs from your trips

For many people it is a way to extend their holidays, and to transform the pleasure enjoyed into something material. It is also, and first and foremost, the essential, and often last-minute purchase that we rush into (too) quickly. However, in our own way, we can contribute to preserving the planet, while also helping the local economy to function. Be done with the magnet slipped into a plastic bag, the kitsch snow globe or the key rings that risk joining all the others in the rubbish bin a few days after you get back from your holidays. Instead go for local and artisanal products, by bringing back olive oil, ground coffee, sweets, or by supporting small local designers. You can also choose to go for an experience, by treating yourself to a local cookery course, a bungee jump, or a back massage, for a truly beautiful end to your holiday!
Enjoy responsible and ethical activities

Animal circuses, bull-fighting, and elephant or camel rides are often activities that seem pleasant at first, and which we sign up for voluntarily with our family and friends, without really being aware of their hidden side, and all that this implies for the animal. Nowadays, it must be acknowledged that tourism, or the discovery of a new culture, can unfortunately still be used to justify cruelty towards animals. If what you want is an activity immersed within nature, then a swim in the sea, kayaking on the river, or even a hike or mountain bike ride may scratch this itch, while also perhaps granting you the opportunity to encounter all sorts of animals within their natural environment!