SECURFLAP by Tiphaine

Tiphaine, Communication & Social Media Manager at DELSEY, introduces us to SECURFLAP, her modern and secure travel companion with an elegant look. Find out why she can no longer travel without it!

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Communication & Social Media Manager

My favourite product:

The SECURFLAP backpack.

The last trip I made with this product:

Professional trip or holidays? Holidays

Length of the trip: 7 days

Destination: Jordan

Means of transport used: Plane and car

What I liked about the product when I first saw it:

Its hybrid style, which can be used for both hiking and working

The little bonus that made me choose this backpack:

Its secure fastening - in the subway it is essential for me to know that my backpack is secure.

The other features of the product I like and why:

Its comfort and light weight - when you carry your stuff for a hike or your computer, its reinforced back and straps are really nice!
Its two side pockets that can carry water bottles for hiking!