How do you pack your suitcase for a trip?

There are some days when we wake up with a deep desire to escape, to pack our bags and go to the end of the world... Or even just to a neighbouring country! Then, we remember that we are living in strange times and that for now this is just a dream. Never mind! But there's no need to wait until you can travel again to learn how to pack your suitcase for a trip!

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Don't worry, we're certainly not going to tell you how many shorts or pairs of socks you need to pack for your next holiday, or for your next trip. It all depends of course on your trip, your tastes, and above all your clothing habits. How we can help you, though, is to give you some tips on packing your suitcase, how to organise it so that you don't forget anything or take anything that's unnecessary.

We're not gonna lie to you, this part requires a little planning! You may very well consider making a list on your phone to share with the people going with you. That way, everyone can add the things they think of to the list.

Planning and matching outfits

In order to choose what you will put in your suitcase, you must plan your outfits in advance. First, look at the weather in the country or region of your destination, and then think about your days there and your different needs. For example, is the weather rather humid, requiring you to change your T-shirt during the day? Is the weather much cooler in the evening, so you might need a jumper?

In any case, plan outfits that are easy to put together! Don't clutter the suitcase with trousers or shirts that don't go with anything. Instead, think about making combinations with bottoms that can be easily worn with two or three different T-shirts/pullovers. If you want to make your suitcase as light as possible, choose dresses and jumpsuits instead of combinations of outfits.

The most important thing is to take clothes you feel good in, avoiding the ones at the top of your wardrobe, which you haven't worn for years. Play it safe with your basics, so you'll be sure to wear everything you pack in your case.

“Preparing a suitcase for a trip is essentially a matter of carefully selecting your belongings.".

Calculating quantities

The little trick is to always add a little extra to the quantity you initially planned. So, if you're going away for seven days and you pack seven pairs of socks, just take one pair more, which is simply the “just in case, you never know”. As for shoes, there's no point in taking a bunch of them, we all end up putting on the same two or three pairs. For example, a pair of classic all-purpose trainers and a pair of open sandals should cover most of your needs if you are travelling to a warm country.

Your jewellery and make-up are small items but they can very quickly clutter your suitcase. Since it's easier to lose jewellery on holiday and make-up is generally used less, the best thing is to take only the essentials!

You could also imagine how one of your typical days will be, so you can choose exactly what you'll need. This will prevent you from forgetting your outfits and essential items such as your make-up remover, your pyjamas or your sun cream.
In summary:

1) Plan your outfits day by day, depending on the weather and your activities on site.

2) Plan a wardrobe that offers several combinations and includes a majority of basics.

3) Remember to go through a typical day so you don't forget anything in your suitcase!