How do you organise the packing of your suitcase?

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This is an important stage to plan, so as not to risk having to start all over again. Don't panic and stay positive because we have some great tips to help you organise the packing of your suitcase!

Identify and group by use

Above all, you need to plan your suitcase organisation by identifying and grouping your items by category and type of use. Your suitcase will therefore contain several small storage bags, toilet bags or vanity cases, depending on your needs. So you could very well plan several kits: one for electronic devices (chargers, razor, epilator, etc.), one for jewellery, another for make-up and a last one with a waterproof pocket for “risky” products, which could leak everywhere in the suitcase (shampoo, shower gel, face cream, toothpaste, etc.). Simply secure your bottles by unscrewing the cap, put some cling film on them and then reseal them.
To continue our idea of a Russian dolls-style storage, we recommend using small reusable bags to store your underwear. This will prevent them from being scattered all over the suitcase, and above all avoid any embarrassment during a customs check. You will certainly need other thin and light bags, either for dirty laundry or for shoes, which will keep the inside of your suitcase clean. This is still useful if your case has a removable and washable inner lining!

Choosing your folding method

So, we finally reach the fateful stage of packing up all the stuff we want to take with us. There are so many possible methods, that you might feel a bit lost! There is no right or wrong folding method, there is only the one you choose that suits you.

The rolling method

There is the rolling method which, as its name suggests, consists of rolling the garment on itself, which has the advantage of not creasing it.

The packing method

You can also use the packing method, where you put all the clothes flat on top of each other, before folding them into a single pile.

Marie Kondo's method

But there's another way to fold your clothes that you've probably heard of. Although it might be a little more time-consuming when packing, there's a real time saving when you come to unpack your suitcase on arrival. Marie Kondo's method is so successful certainly because once folded, the garment stands up on its own. This makes it easy to access each garment individually without unfolding the others.

In summary:

1) Group your personal belongings by category and type of use.

2) Use several reusable bags to store your belongings.

3) Choose one of the three folding methods to optimise storage.

DELSEY PARIS' 5 tips for stress-free travel

N°1 :

In the suitcase, pack the bulkiest things first, then the lightest.

N°2 :

Carry your heaviest belongings on you (shoes, coat, handbag, etc.), to reduce the weight of your suitcase (whether it is carry on or you check it in).

N°3 :

Buy a luggage scale to ensure perfect suitcase preparation.

N°4 :

Find out about your airline's limits regarding the size and weight of your suitcase on our dedicated page!

N°5 :

Put a drop of essential oil in each corner of your suitcase to ensure your clothes smell fresh on arrival.