All the info about the warranty DELSEY offers on its products.

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Implementation of the commercial warranty

Before returning a product, you must contact the DELSEY After Sales Service using the “contact” form – heading “After Sales Service” – available on the Internet website If you do not have access to internet, you can obtain the contact details of the DELSEY After Sales Service closest to your place of residence from the dealer from whom you purchased the product. The DELSEY After Sales Service closest to your place of residence will contact you as quickly as possible and inform you of the procedure to be followed.
The warranty applies only on presentation or communication of the warranty certificate accompanied with the bill of sale including the date of sale and the product reference. If these two documents are not provided, DELSEY reserves the right to refuse to apply the warranty.
Any other defect covered by the commercial warranty must be notified to the DELSEY After Sales Service as quickly as possible after it has been discovered so as to prevent the defect from worsening.
If no other company than DELSEY or a repair centre other than those approved by DELSEY is able to provide upkeep or non-warranty repairs on your product, DELSEY requires that you take the matter up only with DELSEY through its After Sales Service or with a repair centre approved by DELSEY for repairs under warranty.Products having undergone maintenance or repairs carried out by a third party prior to the intervention of DELSEY or a repair centre approved by DELSEY, are not covered by this warranty.
Should the product be returned by post, it must be sent following the instructions provided by the DELSEY After Sales Service in protective packing.
DELSEY or one of its approved service providers shall examine the product and if, after verification, DELSEY or one of its service providers concludes that your claim is covered by the commercial warranty, DELSEY shall decide either to repair the defective product or to replace it by an identical article or by an equivalent similar article. You should not incur any expenses in relation to this warranty without first seeking the approval of DELSEY.
Should the option of the repair of the product be chosen, some alteration of appearance may occur however such alteration of appearance does not give a further warranty claim under this document.
Should the product be no longer available for sale, an appropriate and equivalent article will be proposed to you.
Should the claim not be covered by the commercial warranty, product return costs will be borne by the buyer unless provided otherwise by law.
DELSEY shall endeavour to provide a rapid and satisfactory solution within the scope of this warranty, but in no way can it be held responsible for cases of force majeure as defined by the law and legal precedent that might prevent implementation of the warranty.

Duration of the commercial warranty

All DELSEY luggage benefits from a warranty of two, three, five or ten years starting from the date of its purchase, excluding electrical and electronic components. The duration of the warranty on your product is given on the product file available on the Internet website and on the warranty certificate.
Electronic and electrical components (excluding batteries) are covered by warranty for a period of two (2) years.
Replacement of the product covered by the warranty does not result in extension of the initial duration of the commercial warranty.

Territoriality of the warranty

The commercial warranty applies to all purchases of DELSEY products covered by a warranty certificate made throughout the world except the United States and Canada.

Name and address of the guarantor

The warranty is granted by DELSEY, a French société par actions simplifiée with capital of 9,099,576 euros, registered on the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 572 017 507 and having its registered office at 114 rue Marcadet, 75018 Paris (France) or by any company that might replace DELSEY for implementation of the warranty.

Non-warranty repairs

If you wish to have your DELSEY luggage which is no longer under warranty repaired, please contact an approved DELSEY repair centre which will offer to repair your product subject to suitable conditions and costs.

Legal guarantee

Regardless of the commercial warranty granted by DELSEY, intended to ensure specific rights, legal guarantees of the country in which you purchased the product will apply particularly when the products were purchased on the territory of a State member of the European Union, the legal warranty resulting from Directive 1999/44 / EC of the European Parliament and the Council of 25 May 1999 on certain aspects of the sale and warranty of consumer goods, the provisions have been implemented in each of the member states of the European Union.
Some restrictions and exclusions provided for under the terms of the DELSEY commercial warranty may not apply to your situation and you may benefit from rights going beyond this commercial warranty This commercial warranty is not intended to deny you these rights but to complement them and DELSEY takes into account and respects the rights to which you are entitled in the country in which you made your purchase.