Maletas Air France: ¿cómo elegirlas?

¿Viajas con Air France? DELSEY te ofrece toda la información que necesitas para encontrar unas maletas que respeten las normas aéreas de esta compañía.

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Elegir correctamente el equipaje de cabina para Air France y el equipaje de bodega

Cada compañía aérea puede tener normas específicas en lo que concierne al peso y las dimensiones del equipaje de cabina y de las maletas que aceptan en bodega. ¿Crees que las normativas aéreas son un auténtico rompecabezas? Si la respuesta es sí, este artículo de DELSEY está hecho para ti: queremos que tengas un viaje inolvidable, sin molestias, tanto antes como durante como después del vuelo. Nos vamos a Nueva York con nuestro socio Air France, ¿te vienes?
How to choose carry-on luggage for Air France?

You’ve got to find a suitcase before you can pack it, and that’s when you need to take airline luggage restrictions into account.

For flights operated by Air France, your suitcase can be used as carry-on luggage if its dimensions are no more than 55 x 35 x 25cm, including wheels, pockets and handles, and if its weight is no more than 12 or 18kg, depending on your cabin class (indicated on your ticket). See all Air France carry-on suitcases

Which suitcase for checked luggage?

To be accepted on an Air France flight, a suitcase for checked luggage must measure no more than 158cm (height + width + depth), including pockets, wheels and handles. The maximum weight allowed is 23kg for Economy and Premium Economy travellers and 32kg for Business and First Class travellers. Please refer to your travel reminder to check this information.

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The Air France and DELSEY partnership

DELSEY and Air France, two travel experts, have joined together to offer you luggage which combines expertise and French elegance. ENVOL is the hard luggage collection from Air France and DELSEY, available in 3 sizes, in blue or light grey. DESTINATION is the soft luggage collection: Air France and DELSEY suitcases available in black and red, in several sizes, for any kind of travel. We love both collections, but if you’re not sure whether to choose a soft or a hard suitcase, read our advice here.

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Additional hand luggage?
In addition to your carry-on luggage, Air France allows you to board the plane with an additional piece of hand luggage like a handbag or a bag for a computer, camera or other electronic device. The maximum dimensions of this bag are 40 x 30 x 15cm.

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Choosing suitcases for another airline

Are you travelling with another airline? Try out our tool to see all the suitcases accepted by your airline!

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DELSEY’s tip
Don’t forget that carrying liquids onboard is strictly limited! So remember to put your cosmetics in your checked luggage. Are you just travelling with carry-on luggage? Decant your cosmetics into miniature bottles of 100ml or less!

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