More than just a zip, a must for the frequent traveller

The zip is well known as the bag's weak spot - it can be opened in a few seconds with just a ballpoint pen. To avoid the risk of break-in to your bag, DELSEY has created a unique, ultra secure zip: the ZIP SECURI TECH.

41 times more resistant than a normal zip, the ZIP SECURI TECH gives you optimal security at all times and a solution to the problem of break-ins to your bag. The tamper-proofed zip, with an exclusive patent, gives all the advantages of lightness and ease of use of a standard zip with added toughness.

The ZIP SECURI TECH is also two and a half times more resistant than a standard zip when the bag is full, so you can avoid unpleasant surprises when you collect your luggage at the airport, among other things…

With ZIP SECURI TECH you can travel with total peace of mind!

41 times more resistant than a normal zip.

Watch our video right now for a demonstration:

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