We are meeting up with Adel, one of the winners of our "Become our Parisian Muse" competition. On the agenda: an interview and a photoshoot in the Frigos de Paris. Find out about this happening guy from every angle…

DELSEY: Hi Adel, we know how you came to take part in our casting and it's a funny story... Can you share it with our readers?
Adel: Hi, sure, with pleasure… it's actually my mother who signed me up for the DELSEY casting because she wanted to give me a surprise. When I got your reply, I was in total shock and laughing a lot too! Mums really are full of mystery!

DELSEY: Can you tell us what it is you like in particular about DELSEY? If I've got it right, you got your taste for DELSEY from your mother...
Adel: When you think about it, DELSEYs pass from one generation to the next! I think that DELSEY cases have a really good looking design! What's also quite funny is that I have now started looking at the bags of people in the street and I reckon that, with its design, you can spot a DELSEY case very quickly.

DELSEY: Let's talk about Paris, what does this city stand for, for you?
Adel: For me, Paris is a second home... I spend a lot of my time there. There is always something to do, to see, to discover... and I love that! I usually go out in the Montmartre and Montorgueil areas, the villages inside the city.

DELSEY: You are always out and about looking to find new horizons... if you had to give us a key destination for you, what would it be?
Adel: Egypt. There is so much to see, not just the culture but the countryside too. What I really like is the difference between the very touristy side of the country with the pyramids and the Sphinx and the places that are not so well known, like the Red Sea which just left me speechless! A real cultural feast!

Adel, thanks for a great time and we hope you have some really good travels with your VAVIN SECURITE!

This article was written following the casting organised by DELSEY in 2015, going to meet three of its fans. The photoshoot took place in Les Frigos de Paris.

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