The right size for your suitcase

You’re going on a trip and you’re wondering what the best sized suitcase is ? Delsey gives you a few pointers to help you choose.

A priori, it’s the length of the stay which defines the size of the suitcase, for:

• A weekend, favour the cabin format ;

• A week alone or a family weekend, favour a 65 cm model ;

• For a longer or family stay opt for a 75 cm model, at least. Please remember: a child who wishes to have his or her own suitcase should learn not to take their bedroom with them!

Obviously the type of trip is the other major criterion to take into account.

• 10 days in a snowbound city or skiing with heavy garments for all the family requires larger suitcases than if you are tanning yourself on a remote beach !

• You are planning to overhaul your wardrobe or you are the type of person who brings back a present for everyone. Don’t load your suitcase too much for the outward journey, and possibly slip a foldable cabin bag inside which you can use for the surplus for the return journey.

• A week watching the plants grow in your friends' garden requires a smaller suitcase than a week spent going from runway show to runway show, parties and events in a capital in the middle of fashion week!

To travel with peace of mind, consult the luggage standards for your airline company, and plan a margin if you are planning to return more loaded.

"Did you know?
At the present time, according to the IATA (the International Air Transport Association) the maximum standard dimensions (including wheels, handles and pockets) are 56 x 45 x 25 cm for cabin luggage, and a total of 158 cm for hold luggage weighing less than 23 kg each. However, the conditions vary from one airline to another so carefully check the sizes and weights permitted by yours (also see our article on luggage standard"

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