Secure your luggage

Constantly aware of your demands when it comes to security, DELSEY meets this major priority with ongoing innovation. Find out more about our leading security options which help you ensure you enjoy trouble free travel.

• Securi Tech Zip

We have developed a patented zip fastener system 40 times more resilient than standard models. They can no longer be forced open with an ordinary pen in a few seconds; your luggage remains protected from malicious intent and unforeseen fastener failure.

• Combination locks and padlocks (TSA)

The combination locks fitted to many luggage items provide you with additional protection. As do the combination padlocks inserted into the attachment rings on two-way zip fastener pull tags.

• Cable Lock

Incorporated into our LA DEFENSE collection, this exclusive antitheft system consists of a (removable) combination padlock, hiding a cable which enables you to attach your luggage to an item of fixed furniture. Doubly secure, it goes through the pull tag rings of several different compartments at the same time. Leaving you free to consult your e-mail or play with your children without needing to constantly keep an eye on your luggage!

• Security cable

Used for attaching your luggage or your computer to an item of fixed furniture, this clever product is particularly useful for those who often travel by train. Relax, concentrate on your work or go and have a cup of coffee in perfect peace of mind!

Adopted by globe-trotters all over the world, our LA DEFENSE line was designed to prioritise high security, with most of the items in the range combining the Securi Tech Zip with the Cable Lock. Not to mention its hybrid qualities combining hardside protection (back and sides) with the optimised organisation offered by softside materials (front).

Many attractive security solutions are available to protect your personal effects, so bear them in mind if you want to enjoy perfect worry-free travel.

Did you know?
Approved TSA (Transportation Security Administration) locks, padlocks and straps allow authorities in the United States to examine your luggage without damaging it.

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