After two years of research and development, DELSEY presents its first prototype of a connected luggage, Pluggage, and invites internet users to vote for their favourite features on

Ultra-connected travellers in search of convenience and simplicity
Information and communication technologies have turned mobility on its head and created completely new ways of doing things. For travellers, these changes have resulted in the need for assistance when preparing their trip, to get real-time information on their means of travel, to use new services to simplify their traveling and ensure their peace of mind throughout the trip.

Pluggage will allow ultraconnected travellers to make their lives more simple

Albert Engler, Director of Design at DELSEY

DELSEY wants to provide an enriched travel experience with Pluggage, its first prototype of an on-line suitcase. The user has always been, and is now more than ever, at the heart of DELSEY's design and innovation and DELSEY wishes to satisfy the expectations of ultra-connected travellers who need autonomy, connectivity, safety and service when they travel.

With Pluggage, DELSEY is the first and only French company specialising in the design and manufacture of luggage to provide travel experience 2.0.

At DELSEY, we always push further on to make luggage a real extention of the self

Catherine De Bleeker, Marketing Director at DELSEY

The 10 Pluggage Features

1. Auto weight
2. Instant battery reload
3. Onboard detection
4. Inside lighting system
5. Flight info
6. Fingerprint ID
7. Check lock
8. Weather forecast
9. Inside speaker
10. Checklist

Internet users the world over are invited to design the suitcase of the future by voting for their favourite features on the dedicated website!