How to pack?

Some luggage is particularly lightweight but it is still important to rationalise what you pack, if only to keep within weight allowances. Follow these few tips and you’ll never have a bulging suitcase again - with half its contents never used!

• The list of essentials

Note in advance what you intend to take with you and save this list: the next time you travel, you will only have to tick the essentials and adjust the rest according to the length and destination of your trip.

• Forget the total outfits

After having consulted the local weather forecast, make up your outfits from basics which can all be easily worn with each other without thinking and leave behind articles which crumple or show marks too easily. With the space saved, you can then allow yourself to take one or two more extravagant items!

• Don’t forget multifunctional articles

The cashmere or fleece jacket for cool evenings or air conditioning turned up too high; the foldup bag which can be used for shopping, going to the beach or bringing back extra items purchased during your trip; the comfortable tunics to be worn during the day to which you can add accessories for going out in the evening, etc.

• Oh, the agony of choosing shoes…

First of all, take that comfortable pair which goes with most of your outfits. Avoid boots or raised heels which take up a huge amount of space, or wear them for the outward and return trips.In other words, adapt the basic combination to the destination: a pair for walking + a pair for the evening + a favourite pair!

• A light toilet bag

Depending on the length of your stay, sample formats of your favourite products, or less than 100 mL can be amply sufficient (particularly if you are staying in a hotel). Also think about filling empty bottles yourself and/or doing the same with shampoo and shower gel for the whole family to use.

• The accessories that change everything

Choose a few that can totally transform your basic outfits for that special evening: an elegant chain to emphasise a plunging neckline, a belt to mark the waist, a golden clutch bag for the little black dress, a slim black cravat for a smart, relaxed look, etc.

Those of you still tempted to take your entire wardrobe with you, just remember that the less you pack, the more opportunity you have to stay on the lookout for that wonderful item you couldn’t find anywhere else, the statuette for your nephew’s collection or the bag boasting your best friend’s favourite motif!

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