Luggage with two or four wheels?

Since the beginning of time, wheels have been used for moving things wherever they appeared. It was therefore logical that they should revolutionise the world of luggage! Now, it’s just a question of how many wheels can make a real difference.

With their “off road” aspect, our suitcases equipped with four multidirectional wheels bring about changes in the way they are used and undeniably greater comfort.

• They can be moved with amazing fluidity and spin round in a trice. Our futuristic ARCHANGE concept bag also offers a central handle for unrivalled manoeuvrability.

• Giving an impression of lighter weight, they roll alongside you, rather than behind, thereby preventing accidents. Weighing only 2.9 kg the HELIUM 65 cm model combines optimal manoeuvrability and even lighter weight.

• Our wheels’ exclusive characteristics in terms of materials and design make them among the quietest in the world.

• And you always have the option of switching to 2 wheel mode when negotiating steep slopes.

This indicates that the heavier the luggage, the better it is to have four wheels available. However, although four wheels may be all the rage, they are not needed for a cabin case which must not weigh more than 10 or 12 kg when fully packed. The principle of rolling on two wheels is even preferable when the luggage is of limited height.

The weight and the height will therefore set the priorities in terms of how many wheels you need on your future suitcase; but whether there are two or four, you will always appreciate the greater comfort in use.

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