01. What is DELSEY's story?

Founded by Mister Delahaye and the André & Walter Seynhaeve brothers in 1946, the DELSEY company rapidly became established as the leading French producer of leather cases for movie and still cameras.  

A department for luggage in moulded plastic was subsequently set up and in 1970 the brand’s travel products really took off with the launch of DELSEY Airstyle, the first line of rigid luggage. Since then, DELSEY has been offering ever more functional, lightweight, designer products with many new – and often award-winning – features to make life easier for globe-trotters.

From the introduction of the trolley system to the featherlight collections and the suitcase of the future, DELSEY is constantly innovating to create  your kind of luggage. 

02. What are the brand's values?


If you’re on this site, it’s probably because you’re planning to go somewhere, do something, meet somebody.  Engage in that most basic and important of all human activities – connecting with another person.

At DELSEY, we’re dedicated to making sure that a luggage never gets in the way of your doing that.

Zippers that zip – and stay that way until you unzip them.
Handles and straps exactly where you need them that work every time.  Pockets so artfully designed and thoughtfully well placed you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them.  And an unmistakable design that fuses form and function with French flair.

Wherever you’re going?  Have a good time and bon voyage from DELSEY

03. I forgot my password, how can I reset it?

To get a new password, please go to My account and click on 'I forgot my password'

04. Is there a store near me?

To find it, please visit our store locator.

05. Which luggage is recommended for my airline?

Standardised luggage for boarding without a cloud on the horizon!

Preparing to travel by air? To avoid any nasty surprises on D-Day, DELSEY reminds you of what matters most with regard to luggage regulations.

06. What is my product warranty?

Every DELSEY product has a 2-, 5- or 10-year warranty from the date of purchase. To find length of time the warranty is valid, please see the warranty certificate inside your luggage.
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07. How can I repair my product?

To have your luggage repaired, please visit our store locator and find a repair center near you. Please bring your luggage and your proof of purchase to the repair center.

08. How can I sign up for DELSEY's newsletter?

To get the latest news about our collections, events… please create your account.

09. How to clean my DELSEY luggage?

Please visit our TIPS section.

10. How to choose my luggage?

Please visit our TIPS section.

11. Any advice to make my luggage secure?

Please visit our TIPS section.

12. How can I find DELSEY on social networks?

You can follow DELSEY life through our Facebook page and our Pinterest board.

13. Are DELSEY's products guarranteed worldwide?

DELSEY products are manufactured using high specification materials and subject to stringent quality controls. Every DELSEY product has a 2-, 5- or 10-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship from the date of purchase. To find length of time the warranty is valid, please see the warranty certificate inside your luggage.
An international after sales service is available in 110 countries on 5 continents from DELSEY agents.
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14. Can I purchase DELSEY's products on the official website?

Yes, only if you live in the United States. Otherwise, you can find the stores near you by clicking here.

15. How to make my friends know about my favorite DELSEY products?

You can add your favorite products to your wishlist and share it with your friends by email or through social networks.

16. How can I register my product's warranty online?

Register your luggage warranty and enjoy special benefits.
We advise you to register your luggage now in order to have a special status , a complete warranty against defects and a worldwide service.
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