2,000 of you expressed your love for DELSEY to us in messages that were touching, funny, sincere and simply beautiful.

Here are some of the messages that moved us the most.

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"For me DELSEY is a bit like Proust's madeleine. This brand and its unbreakable bags are part of my family history and almost of my genetic make-up. Each year in the summer… there were these huge DELSEY cases, used but still solid, that my father used to take down from the attic to pack all our things away before taking the road south. I loved these cases because they were synonymous with happiness, with discoveries, they contained all my pretty clothes to go posing in the evening at the dances in the villages where we were used to stay... when I grew up I stayed faithful to the brand and for all my journeys by 'plane, it's a little DELSEY on wheels, a light one...which I get out and look for worriedly on the carousel every time Iland somewhere... for his first solo flight, my son will have a DELSEY because this brand inspires confidence in me and I know that the meager luggage of a big teenager will be safe...but I think that he prefers the giant overnight bag to the suitcase... as long as it's a DELSEY, I think he's right. "

Charlotte :

"Not only are the products very innovative in design and quality but also… I met my future husband while trying to lift up my trolley cabin case which I had seriously overfilled… We were in the aeroplane on a Paris-Budapest flight. He asked me if he could help me (in English as he is Hungarian). While he was hoisting it up into the luggage compartment, he complemented me on my case (woohoo!). When we got to Budapest, we didn't leave one another. That was 6 years ago and we are getting married in April :) I LOVE DELSEY ;)"

Evg :

"Because DELSEY provokes others to do me compliments !!!!"

Karen :

Chic and classy look! More than a bag, it's an eyecatcher!

Twin :

"DELSEY bags are an indestructible force. On the market since forever, their robustness is reassuring, their simple design, part of Parisian good taste, makes us fashionable. And yet DELSEY is timeless. A heavenly paradox for a brand."

Véronique :

"Grandma and mum had a DELSEY vanity case… I had to wait 20 years before I could get one the same: for me that was a treasure - make-up!!! I didn't have any daughters…I caught up with my goddaughter on her 18th… The vanity case served as a backdrop for the pearl necklace we also gave her and all the women of the family understood the reference. Our DELSEYs, we love them!"

Alice :

"I will always have DELSEY in the back of my mind because my little Nicolas took his first steps thanks to your suitcase (which was lying in the hallway after a weekend away, a little old, sure, but still up and running). He got himself standing up with the suitcase and, once up and getting the suitcase to roll, he walked with it. And then for several weeks, the suitcase rolled around the flat. And so DELSEY is in all the photos of our Nicolas. And so I can only love DELSEY."

Françoise :

For me, DELSEY means escape. Whether it's to go and see my daughters and grandchildren again (one in Quebec, the other in Australia). For a romantic trip with my hubby (soon 40 years married). For weekends away at the last minute. For me, DELSEY has shared my life for decades.

Isabelle :

"I met my husband at Roissy airport while I was waiting for my DELSEY suitcase on the carousel. Beside me a young man was waiting too. We both had the same grey suitcase. We got on well, laughing about it, and exchanged mobile numbers… We got married last year and are expecting our first child in July."

Caroline :

"Because it's my grandfather (André Seynhaeve) who started it up and I am proud of what he did with it! Today he is no longer at the head of DELSEY but I hope the people who work there understand what he left them. That's why I love DELSEY: because I am proud of it! Thanks, Grandad."

Eric :

I really love you, DELSEY, for your robustness, you are the ideal companion on every journey.

Ruth :

"I love my new DELSEY bag! So many pockets and the colours are perfect for me. It is like it was custom designed just for me! I can hardly wait to increase my "collection" with more DELSEY luggage!"

Céline :

"It was raining cats and dogs that day… I left the office with my arms full of PC and documents. When I went down the Avenue, I saw you among the cases, wallets and backpacks… A pretty little briefcase, perfect for protecting my things from the elements… I went into the shop and straight away chose you... You were so pretty, black, elegant, with a pretty little DELSEY logo embroidered in red... You have, from that day on, been part of many of the events of my life... You came with me on my seminars, on my business trips. You make me feel like a VIP when I put you through the airport scanner... Everyone stares at you enviously!So it has been perfectly natural for me to choose this brand alone! Afterwards, I succombed to the charms of a very pretty and very red cabin bag... Now my bags and I are never apart during the holidays and all through the year... A real fairy tale!!! Thank you, DELSEY."

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