Duffle bag or Trolley case

You want to buy some new luggage but you don’t know whether to choose a suitcase or bag? Delsey advises you how to make your choice depending on your travelling habits.

Both models have benefits, one spontaneously thinks of:

• For suitcases: plane, strength, security, protection, … Especially when the suitcase disappears into the hold, and until you get it back on the airport carousel: a real assault course !
• For bags : car, lightness, flexible filling, easy to tidy away … This is versatile luggage which fits easily into the car boot, can be carried on the shoulder, is easy to fill, easy to fold, without any problems !

Obviously you should take your style of travelling into account (the type, duration and frequency of your trips).

• Every year you go to a faraway destination where you totally forget about your daily routine ? Choose a big volume suitcase.
• You regularly take the car to escape into the country for a weekend or longer ? A bag’s flexibility and format is particularly practical for filling, handling and tidying away.
• Business trips or exhibition escapades: lightning stays, sounds familiar? The cabin bag is your ally here.
• Knockabout spirit, you like rambling or trekking? The search for the backpack which matches you 100% is part of the pleasure.

Choosing your ideal luggage takes you a little bit away already, so don’t be afraid to devote some time to it!

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