Discover DELSEY's exclusive innovations that will make your travels easier.

The material inside the bag has been fitted to increase the available space and let you carry more things.

Instead of splitting into two equal but hard-to-handle-parts, DELSEY’s SHADOW collection opens into one big, balanced compartment like a soft bag, but protects just like its name says. It’s a hard bag that opens and stays in place like a soft. Finally somebody did it – and it was DELSEY!

Pop the wheels off and the 60 cm US carry-on becomes a 55 cm international carry-on, while the 55 cm international bag converts into 50cm - perfect for low cost airlines. Guaranteed to fit – no matter which airline you’re flying.

Only 1.5 kilos! Two wheels, a full 55 cm of volume and strong enough to pass DELSEY’s toughest tests. All thanks to an intelligent design that combines low-weight, high-resistance fabrics with an injection structure.

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