Business trips

You travel a lot on business? DELSEY guides you in choosing luggage which satisfies specific criteria and will follow you like your shadow!

Choose a compact but ultra-functional bag:

• Maximum cabin size;
• Front and/or lateral pockets;
• Foam compartment for computer;
• Multifunction internal organiser…

Favour optimum security:

• Lock or combination padlock (TSA),
• Secure Tech zip,
• Cable padlocks,
• Extremely strong materials like Ultra-performance Ballistic Nylon

You are looking for maximum comfort and manoeuvrability:

• Particularly light luggage, so you can take the maximum amount of personal belongings for an equivalent weight;
• Ergonomic handles, shoulder strap, back, straps to effortlessly change carrying methods;
• Trolley option, especially for a heavy weight, to avoid any additional fatigue

Design, a matter of taste and image

Luggage which matches your business universe can also reveal personality traits. You can opt for timeless elegance, go for a look which is both pro and urban or show your liking for colour!

Also, in order to travel light and remain impeccably smart, ensure that you take :

• Easily matching shirts (or tops) and accessories, casual wear for the evening, possibly a 2nd suit or trouser suit (bearing in mind that you can always use the dry-cleaning service);
• A spare pair of shoes and a colourless shoe polisher to avoid embarrassing spots;
• A lightened toilet bag: your favourite products either in sample or under 100 ml formats (the basics are available in the hotel) without forgetting those which set you apart, such as perfume and make up.

Well chosen (and well filled) professional luggage will be an asset for making the most of your business trips.

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