Our best Travel Tips

The holidays are coming up very quickly and we are starting to plan for our trip… Only a few more weeks but…have you thought about everything? We've brought together our best tips for preparing a holiday.
Here we go!

1. Find your destination

If you've already booked your travel, that's great! But for a last minute holiday, take a look here at our favourite destinations with advice on trips out, meals and luggage!

2. Check airline luggage regulations

If you're going by plane, don't forget to check your airline's rules for luggage. Check our up-to-date grid to quickly find the maximum sizes for your carry-on and in-hold luggage.

3. Find your perfect bag

Now that you've found out what size of bag you can bring, you only have to choose your favourite from among all our bags! And if you can't decide among the different types, we can put you on the right track in our articles "Softside or Hardside" and "Duffle Bag or Trolley Case".

4. Prepare your suitcase

Every year, it's the same story. You'd like to bring your entire wardrobe with you but your case just doesn't want to. Follow our key tips here or on our videos so your bag won't get its own way again. A well-packed bag and off you go!

You're ready to go? All of us at DELSEY wish you a great holiday!

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