Being Parisian

Although DELSEY has been faithful to its Parisian origins for 70 years, it's today's "Parisianness" that we want to explore in this article. We asked people who have contributed to the development of the DELSEY community to tell us what "Being Parisian" means to them and here are the replies from our fans, from our team and our partners as well as some quotes from celebrities...

Inès de La Fressange, Parisian Icon:

"The Parisian woman comes from the provinces: the real Parisians are those who have dreamt of Paris, the South Americans, the Italians. If you've always wanted Paris, you love it all the more."*

Audrey, DELSEY Fan:

"Parisian elegance is that grandeur on four heels, fine curves, a chic and glamorous body, it's her: the Eiffel Tower."

Claire, DELSEY team:

"Being Parisian is being chic at all times but never overdoing it!"

Solène Debiès, illustrator:

Being Parisian is being anywhere in the world, looking for a café terrace to sip a coffee under the sun, looking at people passing by.

Guillaume, Designer, DELSEY:

"The Parisian integrates culture into the heart of their everyday life. Partial to something new, they are demanding, sometimes at the risk of damaging the good nature that they like to keep well hidden."

Michèle, DELSEY Fan:

"The Parisian woman is mischievous with a chic and liberated elegance."

Loïc Prigent, Journalist, Fashion Specialist:

"The stylish Parisian does not let herself be defined by a heel or some shoes or hair colour or lip stick… The Parisian woman [is] a style, a state of mind…"*

Laurence, R&D Manager, DELSEY:

"Being Parisian, it's always running after tickets, tip-offs, queue jumps, shortcuts, it's also about living outside".

Amélie Nothomb, Writer:

"The Parisian woman is a legend, that means she is more than other women and is that for eternity."*

Garance Doré, Blogger:

"They've got something intangible, an apparent coldness mixed with a bitter sense of homour which can take you by surprise and which you don't get anywhere else."*

Christophe, DELSEY Fan:

Impatient, chic and blasé...

Eve, DELSEY Fan:

"A completely sensuous appearance, mixing classicism and fashion without ever falling into the trap of trends, a casualness sidetracked by a false scruffiness, Parisian elegance is a style, a way of living, a state of mind, a "so chic" attitude, a source of inspiration for anyone creative."

Isabelle, Product Manager, DELSEY:

"So chic, Being Light, Being cheeky, Inès de la Fressange, High heels and miniskirt"

Sandra, DELSEY Fan:

"Parisian elegance is about being able to moan in complete freedom"

Harish, DELSEY Fan:

"I'd describe Parisian elegance in a few choice words: it ensures that my heart skips a beat."

Karine, Product Manager, DELSEY:

"What bring the Parisian woman to mind for me: refined, curious, epicurian."

Morgan, DELSEY Fan:

"I love Paris for this happy cheekiness on every street corner. I also love it because it's downright tasty: not always delicious but certainly always spicy. I love it for this maze of streets and for the infinite possibilities it offers us Parisians..or at least it seems to! I love its quays too, its little bars that you stumble upon, its 21st century street urchins swarming the streets, its diversity, its madness...and so much more."

Lidya, DELSEY Fan:

"Be a girl with mind, a woman with attitude, and a lady with class."

* Inès de La Fressange - L'Express Style, 30 mars 2011. Loïc Prigent - « La Parisienne », Vogue Paris, août 2012. Amélie Nothomb - Vogue, août 2000. Garance Doré,

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