Choose the best bag for your child

A kids’ schoolbag that’s safe and reassuring!

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As your child’s everyday companion at school, a schoolbag is chosen with the greatest of care. Delsey will guide and help you buy this important item: a bag with the look to please your child with all the qualities of comfort to reassure you!

Adapted to their age, morphology and class, doctors say that the schoolbag or backpack, once filled, should not exceed 10% of the child’s weight. In fact, the average schoolchild often carries twice that amount, with loads of up to 8 kg. You should therefore opt for light weight and resilience when making your purchase.

Which schoolbag for which age group?

In preschool or nursery, feather lightweight schoolbags for the little ones:
• A small format for your kid’s comforter, tea-time treats, a spare nappy, etc.
• Enquire before term starts, some schools also require a large notebook.

At primary school the schoolbag is the best choice:
• With a single gusset, weighing less than 500g and capable of accommodating the large format notebook for the first year.
• With several compartments, a reinforced base, back and broad padded straps for the following years, when the contents will not be getting any lighter!

Once at secondary school, the backpack with its more teenage look will be the only choice!
But whatever your kid’s age or tastes, don’t let him or her compromise on comfort.

To safeguard your child’s back make sure that he or she:

• correctly adjusts the bag’s straps;
• fills it with the heaviest books close to the back;
• avoids any unnecessary extra weight.

Consider the trolley backpack alternative

A trolley backpack for your kid or not? That is the question!
• Highly beneficial for long journeys on foot and very heavy loads.
• Less appropriate if staircases or other obstacles need to be negotiated on the way to and from, or even at school (switching to carrying mode several times a day can prove tiresome for kids, since the bag is made heavier by the trolley system).

Did you know?
With our new, patented WPS feature, the wheels do not knock against the wearer’s back or soil clothes when being carried, since they are on the opposite side to the straps (which, as a result, do not drag on the floor when being rolled).

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