During our Casting for "Become our Parisian" we came across Alizée. For all of her 27 years, this very charming Events Manager has already travelled a lot. Let's go and meet her!

DELSEY: Hello Alizée, we're glad to be able to meet up for this interview. Can you tell us how you come to be here?
Alizée: Hello team DELSEY! How I came to take part is quite funny. In fact, my wanting to take part is part of a bet with a friend: we thought we'd put together a little scene with my DELSEY suitcase. I never thought I'd end up as one of the winners. I'm thrilled.

DELSEY: Can you tell us about your DELSEY? What do you find attractive about our brand?
Alizée: I really like the lightness and the colours of your products, anyway that's what I like about my BELFORT suitcase that I've had for a few years now: it's red, so it's easy to spot and really pretty at the same time. I take it everywhere with me!

DELSEY: Your photo in Paris was very original... Did you take it in your favourite part of town to bring you luck?
Alizée: Yes, I took it in Montmartre, I love the very Parisian setting there! It's also a really cosmopolitan place, you meet people from everywhere there and that's really good.

DELSEY: As for travel, you look like a real globetrotter, is that the case?
Alizée: Absolutely! I've been to lots of countries but for me the most beautiful is Thailand - for the sun and sea obviously but also for the people who are so welcoming and who have such a rich culture! What I love is the 'Sanuk' philosophy, where every action has to be funny. I spent a year in South East Asia and Oceania. If you want to really get away from it all and clear your mind, I can honestly recommend South East Asia.

Thanks, Alizée for taking the time to share your experiences and your travel advice. We wish you unforgettable times with your DELSEY.

This article was written following the casting organised by DELSEY in 2015, going to meet three of its fans. The photoshoot took place at the Palais-Royal, Paris.

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