55 CM 4-WHEEL CABIN TROLLEY CASE Delsey 00166980115




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    A distillation of elegance and innovation. Clean curves, Hinomoto wheels, the use of 100% virgin Makrolon® polycarbonate and, above all, a brand-new functional feature: the exclusive integrated brake system. The Hinomoto wheels and brakes featured on this product are Japanese branded components. The silent-running wheels provide you with the last word in user comfort.The very easy-to-use brake is applied to the luggage's front wheels, allowing it to be rolled on two wheels, leaving the brake engaged for four-wheel rolling. The identification plate is located on the rear of your luggage, bearing an individual code. In the event of loss you will be put in email contact with the person who found your luggage, so that you can easily recover it.

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    Shirts x4 Toiletry bags x1 Pairs of shoes x2
    55 CM 4-WHEEL CABIN TROLLEY CASE Delsey 00166980115
    55 CM 4-WHEEL CABIN TROLLEY CASE Delsey 00166980115
    TSA Combination Lock

    Optimal security for your luggage with a TSA compatible code approved by the US Transport Security Authority (TSA) so that American authorities, using a special TSA key, can check your luggage without damaging it.

    Smart fittings

    Contains several compartments and pockets to make your personal items more accessible.

    Brake wheels

    An innovative built in system which, when activated, can lock the wheels so that 4 wheeled luggage remains in place, such as in public transport for example.

    Web tracking

    The unique identification code enables you to be put in contact with the person who found your luggage in the event of loss or theft in order to recover it.

    Storage covers

    To store your personal effects and make them more easily accessible.

    Virgin Polycarbonate

    100% virgin polycarbonate Makrolon®. Makes the luggage light and resistant. ®Registered trademark of Bayer.

    Limited 10-Year Warranty

    Limited 10-Year Warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

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